Obama’s return to Hawaii costs you $3 million « Watchdog.org

By Malia Zimmerman | Hawaii Reporter

President Barack Obama’s decision to rejoin his family on their Hawaii vacation will cost taxpayers another $3.2 million for an already pricey holiday stay.

After arriving in Hawaii on Dec. 22, Obama left first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, on Dec. 26 to return to Washington, D.C., to continue negotiations with Congress to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

After Congress reached an agreement late Tuesday, Obama opted to return to Hawaii, landing at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu just before 5 a.m. Wednesday.

The first family’s Hawaii vacation, taken annually since Obama was elected to office four years ago, typically costs taxpayers more than $4 million.

The biggest expense is Obama’s round trip flight to Hawaii via Air Force One.

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Fiscal Cliff Deal: Hollywood Gets Tax Incentive Extension

The Senate passed legislation meant to end the “fiscal cliff” crisis in the wee hours of the morning. And it seems Hollywood’s rigorous backing of President Barack Obama and his Democrat peers in the waning months of 2012 paid off.

Section 317 of the freshly approved legislation includes an extension for “special expensing rules for certain film and television productions.” Congress first enacted production tax incentives favorable to the domestic entertainment industry in 2004, and extended them in 2008, but the deal was meant to expire in 2011. 

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President Obama Has Turned Journalists into Criminals « Amber Lyon

If by “change” President Obama meant criminalizing journalism in the United States, then he’s succeeded.

Why should you care?  The investigative journalism that Obama has silenced could have exposed more corruption in the U.S. government, military, banking industry; corruption that has caused anguish to numerous Americans.  The reports that will never be heard, read, or seen on TV may have led to positive change.

The Obama administration is suffocating investigative journalism at an alarming rate through the abuse of the Espionage Act of 1917, an act more prone to be used to protect government secrecy than national security.  Before Obama, the act had been used only three times total since 1917.  The current administration has used it six times to go after whistleblowers and the journalists who protect and reveal their information.

President Obama was bold enough to use the Espionage Act to  subpoena New York Times journalist James Risen in an attempt to force him to ‘give up’ information on a CIA whistleblower.  Risen accused the administration of trying to silence journalists and refused to acquiesce stating,

“Can you have a democracy without aggressive investigative journalism? I don’t believe you can, and that’s why I’m fighting.”

Risen predicted Obama’s attack against him would have an unprecedented chilling effect on mainstream investigative journalism in the US.  He was right.

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