With the deadline for states to convey their intentions on Obamacare exchanges to HHS only days away at this writing, much attention is centered on what they will do.  It is possible that half the states will decline to participate leaving the Feds alone in a task some think may not go well.  The point that the States have the option of participation cannot be lost.  The crafters of Obamacare were in some ways cognizant of the limits of Federal power and, thereby, sometimes reliant on willful submission and complicity to achieve their goals.  In the past few weeks I’ve discovered that exchanges were not the only situation where Obamacare recognizes its potential limitations vis-a-vis the states, opening the door to the potential for significant new legal non compliance options.

On November 29 I received an email from Donna Rovito, fellow Pennsylvanian, National leader in  healthcare freedom issues, and founder of the Lehigh Valley Coalition on Healthcare Reform.  It included…

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