The Left is DELIBERATELY Pushing Us. :Stay Sharp! We Win #Trump2024

The left knows we are infuriated. They want to push us to react exactly the way they did when Trump was elected. They burned down cities, vandalized federal property, attacked innocent people all because they didn’t get their own way and were trying to force Trump out of office. This isn’t true with us. We are justifiably angry and we’re going to handle it the right way come November. They may not like it but we’re going to vote for Trump again in 2024. He can salvage and save what’s left of our country.

Does it look the Democrats and their state run cable news are trying to push us into civil war? You bet they are so we don’t give it to them. Some moron in the media said we were waiting for the signal from Trump and our militia would go into action. Yes, they are THAT nuts. The mid terms are just months away and they know any act of violence would hand them a great talking point and turn the American people against Trump and his supporters. We do this the right way-vote them out and take away their power as much as possible.

My worry is just one person would go over the edge and lose it. I know i’m beyond livid over everything they’ve done and this raid was the last straw but i keep the brakes on. You take a deep breathe and focus. The mid terms are coming. My other worry is someone that isn’t too tightly wrapped will resort to violence . It’s only going to take one person and that brings me to my last worry. The FBI having a plant do it. So far though our MAGA family has reacted every way i knew we would and nobody has resorted to violence.We get it. We’re pretty sharp and Trump is not going to call out for anyone to do anything violent. The left does that. Chuck Schumer did that. They let Antifa and BLM run rampant.

Our vocal only protests are going to frustrate the left so they’ll push even harder and act even more aggressive. Again, the mid terms are coming and we can hardly wait. Liz Cheney is going to get the boot out the door in a few days by a fantastic candidate in Wyoming, Harriet Hageman. Cheney’s political career is over. We win-they lose. It will be a small taste of the mid terms. They know it’s coming too.We win, they lose and we hold them accountable the right way. No violence is necessary. We don’t need their dirty tricks. We do need to stand up for our principles. Let them laugh. They can laugh all the way out the door if they want to. Mid terms baby, mid terms.


2000 Mules: Extended Trailer

2000 Mules: Extended Trailer

Would they go this far? You bet they would. They would do anything to stop the re-election of Donald Trump. Would they do anything illegal? If that’s what it took.

Look what they did to try and stop him in 2016. They were shocked he won so in 2020 they couldn’t take any chances. They knew he was going to win in a landslide and Biden wasn’t doing that well; not as well as they had hoped.

Regardless they wanted to be sure Trump was defeated. If the media says it was the most secure election in history you can take it to the bank the Democrat party cheated for Biden.

They wouldn’t try it again? How about trying to pass the Voting Rights Bill and federalizing our elections. The whole bill looked like a repeat of 2020. When that failed they came  up with another plot. The Jan 6 insurrection narrative.

It’s a lie just like the Russia collusion lie and the Ukrainian phone call lie that led to an impeachment hearing. The reason they’re  so desperate to stop Trump is he is going to put an end to their corruption.There was a riot and yes, there was some violence but it was no insurrection either.

I am convinced it was an FBI,DOJ,Biden,Pelosi plot to begin with.They knew there was going to be a rally that day. They knew there was going to be a protest that day. It was never intended to be an insurrection-that’s a false narrative-and it certainly wasn’t Trump plotting for one.

There was never any intention to have a riot or use violence.

I was getting word prior to the rally, from anonymous sources, to stay away from DC that day. I couldn’t confirm any info regarding their concerns but I did put the word out so that people could be aware something might be up and make their own decisions on the credibility of the warning.

They couldn’t have Trump win in 2016 or 2020. They  feared being revealed and held accountable. They were revealed but they walked off with little to no consequences. Think they were desperate to stop him in 2016 and 2020, wait till you see what they try to pull for 2024. We have an advantage now. 

We know what they’re capable of. We know how hard we have to fight back.

We MUST make sure we have election integrity and above all we must vote and get rid of these vermin. Trump 2024 come hell or high water. Impeach Joe Biden. Take back the House and Senate with MAGA candidates. McConnell and McCarthy need to resign.

We have to clean house of these Democrats and some conspirators in the Republican party. We have to expose them.


I Say the Jan 6 Capitol Building Riot was an FBI, DOJ,Pelosi, Biden Plot

Finally,someone said it!

First we look to the FBI plot to kidnap Gov Whitmer of Michigan. The plot failed. I say failed not because they didn’t pull it off. I say it failed because [fortunately]the FBI role was exposed.

Notice who was blamed for the so called Whitmer Kidnapping Plot. You don’t suppose the plan was to pin it on Pres. Trump given some of the Democrat/media previous plots to take out Trump. Biden definitely tried to pin it on Trump. If you can’t admit that’s a stretch you’re not paying attention.

Buzzfeed, hardly a right wing source for news. Let’s not forget the riot at the Capitol Building in Michigan.Looks eerily similar to the Jan 6 DC riot at the Capitol Building. The FBI has been corrupt for some time evident by their role in the Russia Collusion/Spygate scandal.

Steve Bannon interviewed Darren Beattie from Revolver News; mentioned in the Tucker Carlson segment.

In this segment Beattie talks about Ray Epps. i’m going to follow up in a post with various clips of Ray Epps at the Capitol Building.If you’re not sure pinning the Whitmer kidnapping plot on Trump worked and there is going to be a Trump rally in Dec that’s been announced that would be the perfect opportunity to set up Trump.

No wonder Pelosi kept Jim Jordan and Jim Banks off the Jan 6 committee. She didn’t have the right to do it but she did it anyway rejecting the 2 Congressman appointed-rightly so-by Kevin McCarthy. She appointed 2 rabid never Trumpers, Liz Cheney and Adam Kizinger.

That aside, what is really bizarre about the committee is that they are not actually investigating what happened that day and discussing future preventive measures-they’re making it about an insurrection that didn’t happen and trying to tie Trump and even remote associates to it. By remote i mean if you so much as ever spoke to Pres Trump you are suspect.

I say Jan 6 was an FBI,DOJ, PELOSI, BIDEN plot. The FBI,DOJ and intel agencies are all corrupt. The Democrats and media know very well duplicating the 2020 rigged election might not fly in 2024 like it did in 2020 so their best bet would be to prevent the former 45th President from running at all;or do both.