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There are some points in the Yahoo article to take into consideration. Keep in mind Yahoo news is a virulently anti Trump, anti conservative rag. We can still take some of these points as valid because they definitely explain an unexplainable discrepancy.

Yahoo news is one of the worst sources for credible news however i did find one report that may be more credible than most of the garbage they publish. There isn’t an anti Trump story they’ll miss-true or not; mostly the latter .They took a close look at the mid term races to see why there were split votes. They were puzzling although some of the races probably came down to Democrat shenanigans ie ballot harvesting, broken machines in Maricopa county, suppression of Republican voters. Most of which took place in Arizona.


So what the article tells me is that there were some Republicans stupid enough to vote for a Democrat candidate or were slack enough not to turn out the vote for some Republican candidates-they didn’t give them the support they needed. What was really striking is how they thought a Republican MAGA candidate was too extreme when the Biden agenda[which the Democrats support] is clearly extreme enough to be Marxist. The goal of Biden and the Democrat party is to destroy the economy and follow the road to the Green New Deal. Yes, folks he is destroying fossil fuels and we will all be going to wind mills and solar power. Does their policy work? Obviously not but it’s not about what works. It’s about ideology. The MAGA candidates-the ones these Republicans believed were extreme- believed in America First, lowering taxes, securing the border, being energy independent and even dominant, school choice and stopping the indoctrination going on in our schools. You know-all those extreme ideas Trump supported. They split the ticket and voted for some Republicans and some Democrats. Pennsylvania went to Fetterman-a man who could barely spit out 1 coherent sentence .

Fetterman lived with his well to do parents until he was 40 and never held a real job. Oz attended the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a joint MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School. The Fetterman campaign kept claiming that Oz wasn’t really a Pennsylvanian. They failed to mention those years he spent here attending school, the fact that 2 of his children were born in Pennsylvania and that he had purchased a home here. What difference does it really make anyway? Anyone remember how Hillary Clinton ran for a :NY Senate seat when she could hardly claim to be a New Yorker? Nobody cared.

Oz was not my first choice but comparing the 2 men Oz was far more qualified than Fetterman. Fetterman may have lived his whole life in Pa. but he never held a real job his whole life. He would be clueless in the Senate given his obvious problems but he would be able to do 1 thing-vote yes when told.

I was sure the people of Pennsylvania knew better. I was wrong.John Adams was right when he said that our liberty would go out the window if the public weren’t an informed public and here we are.

I hope the people of Georgia are aware that if Herschel Walker is not elected that the Democrats will have a clear unimpeded path to enact all of Biden’s agenda. They will begin by eliminating the filibuster. Once they do that,anything they want, they’ll get.It will be damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. The Democrats are doing the same thing they always do; can’t beat Herschel on policy beat him with a smear campaign. We all know Herschel Walker had a past. A lot of people do but he’s come a long ways since then.He’s a good man and he gets the issues.He is looking out for the best interests of Georgians. Warnock is looking out for the best interests of Joe Biden.Warnock’s background isn’t anything to write home about either and he hasn’t changed one iota. He’s still preaching the same hate he always has.

I’ll say it; there are SOME radical black politicians who are racist and hate whites but they know they need the white vote. If you are a follower of Louis Farrakhan then you are a racist. Warnock is definitely a follower of the leader of the Nation of Islam but he’s certainly not going to tell the white voters.He needs your vote. Note liberals; i am NOT saying blacks are racist. The majority of people-black or white-don’t have a racist bone in their bodies. We get along just fine. Racist politicians are few and far between but they’re not non existent either.

I hope the good folks of Georgia use more common sense than the people of Pennsylvania did.We shot ourselves in the foot letting Fetterman get elected. Fossil fuels was crucial to our state’s economy. I say ‘was’ because Biden has declared war on fossil fuels no matter who it hurts.

Here’s 2 races that have a similar theme:

Mastriano “had a base among (former President Donald) Trump’s most loyal supporters, that’s why he got the nomination, but he could not expand that base,” Millersville University’s Madonna said. “Establishment Republicans also moved away from him.” Madonna suggested many were content to do so given some of Shapiro’s more moderate issue positions, including on fracking.
In Michigan, Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was more enthusiastically supported than her Republican competitor Tudor Dixon. More were concerned that Dixon was “too extreme” in her political views than said that of Whitmer, 62% vs. 46%. About 1 in 10 Republican voters backed the Democrat.


Love how the Republicans think the Republican candidates are too extreme when they both supported America First policies particularly when it came to a secure border, law and order and being energy independent. That’s too extreme so let’s vote Democrat because they appear to be moderates.

Newsflash good ol Republicans; all of these Democrats support Biden’s policies. Look them up. When it came time for the midterms they looked right at the American people and lied-there are no moderate Democrats. I hope people plan on waking up before the Dec 6 election in Georgia. If we have any Republicans down there thinking like they did in Michigan and Pennsylvania were up the creek. The only possible moderates in the Democrat party are Sinema and Manchin and even Manchin is questionable. He has a routine. Object, Obect, Object then CAVE. Does it every time.

Anyone who thinks the MAGA candidates are too extreme have forgotten what the economy was like under Trump and how secure our border was then. They don’t know these so called moderate Democrats very well either.

Now the Arizona races are a little different and that may be an understatement. I followed those races very closely. I also followed election day results in Arizona very closely including the time they spent-days after-counting the votes. I believe 2 of the races are going to end up in court and should. The election in Arizona was a mess. Maricopa County was THE worst.

I’m not going to comment on the specifics because it warrants a whole blog entry to cover the Arizona fiasco. It went as well as the 2020 election did except this time the Democrats outdid their own shenanigans.

So People Voted Against Their Own Self Interests

Vote Herschel Walker. Please, do not do this again!


Senator Rand Paul Questions FBI Director Chris Wray on the Construct of the Domestic Surveillance State – The Last Refuge

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently questioned FBI Director Chris Wray about the nature of how the FBI is receiving or retrieving surveillance information on domestic U.S. citizens, through the use of social media and electronic data collection.  {Direct Rumble Link}At the core of the issue is a system created in the last 14 years where private social media companies and the intelligence apparatus, to include the FBI, have formed partnerships in the larger surveillance network.  The fact that FBI Director Chris Wray cannot and will not answer specific questions about the issues, only exemplifies the nature of the issue as it relates to unconstitutional violations of privacy.There is ample & overwhelming evidence, much of it open-sourced, highlighting how federal law enforcement and social media companies are working together to assemble, filter and investigate data based on a collaborative agreement.  Legal protections for privacy are being destroyed in this assembly of constructs. 

Paul: “Are you purchasing what is said to be anonymous data through the marketplace and then piercing the anonymous nature to attach individual names to that data?
Wray: “I think it’s a more complicated answer than I could give here.”

Senator Rand Paul Questions FBI Director Chris Wray on the Construct of the Domestic Surveillance State – The Last Refuge with Video

Is the FBI obeying the law? Nope. We shouldn’t have to ask these questions but we’re dealing with corrupt people who think they don’t have to answer to anyone.


What Really Happened in the Midterms and Why – American Thinker A MUST READ! YOU WILL GET IT IMMEDIATELY. #MAGA #Trump2024 #PrepareNow

By every account, this was a strange election.  Having had some time to think about it, I have determined the best explanation for November 8 is that this midterm election was intended to turn out pretty much the way it did.Who intended it?  The Republican establishment.  Why?  To get rid of Trump.  How did they do this, and where is the proof?  It wasn’t too hard, and the proof is all around us.This was a midterm election, so there are no real consequences beyond the control of Congress.  This means that if you can control one house, even by a slim margin, you can stall the agenda of the other side.  How large a majority you have is secondary and, in the long view, not that meaningful.The establishment Republicans were willing to settle for less than expected numbers in the House to eradicate what they see as by far their biggest problem.  This was their chance to bury Trump and avoid a great deal of damaging unpleasantness at very low to no real cost.It makes sense.  The Democrats funded the Trump senatorial candidates in the primaries because they thought they could make them lose.  The Republicans seemed to think that might be a good idea.  If necessary, they could help those candidates lose, which could seriously weaken Trump but still leave them with sufficient winners.The Dem-supported Trump candidates lost, as per their plan.  I have heard some pundits say that this was a clever move on the part of the Democrats.  Maybe so, but they had a lot of help.  Those candidates lost because if they had won, Trump would be almost assured of the presidency in 2024.  Look at the contortions Mitch McConnell went through to keep Murkowski and deny the Trump candidate in Alaska.  Check out where the Republican House money went when the chips were down.  New Hampshire was denied funding just as Bolduc was surging.  See here, here, here.Immediately upon the polls closing, the Republican Establishment gushed over Ron DeSantis.  He was all over TV.  The very next day, Fox News (with dedicated anti-Trumper Paul Ryan on its Board) ran the headline “Ron DeSantis is the future of Trumpism.”The Republicans, admittedly dreadfully incompetent at messaging, outdid their own previous failures in this election — on purpose.  National ads acknowledging the accomplishments of Trump on the economy, immigration, inflation, crime, or any of the other major issues on the table for this election were nonexistent.Ronald Reagan made one of the most impressive marks on an election in the last 50 years when he asked a simple question: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”  The Republicans needed only one chart with two columns — one for Trump, one for Biden — listing gas prices, food prices, general inflation rates, murders, education proficiency rates, and half a dozen more items with the comparable figures.  Displaying that chart on 30-second ads in every market every day would have left the Democrats begging for mercy with minimal voter turnout.  Did Republicans, do it?  No.  Why not?  The Trump name would have been mentioned.  And this year, there were more than enough of those issues to slay an entire herd of dragons. There were several House races with obvious “Biden bumps” in the vote tracking.  A Biden bump is a sudden, straight-line, vertical rise in the normal arcing pattern of vote count over a number of hours.  The Biden bump was clearly demonstrated on Election Night 2016 in several states, and it was clear last Tuesday.  Check that out here.Republicans are making no noise about this at all.  They are contesting nothing vocally on the national level.  They are taking no action whatsoever in the obvious stalling of the counts in Arizona and Nevada.  The Republicans are quiet because the establishment accomplished what it set out to do.  There should be no question about this.  Yes, Harmeet Dhillon and the troops are plugging a lot of holes at the local level, and that’s needed, but the overall national outcome was predetermined.The Republican Party used their huge polling advantage and the favorable winds granted by the unspeakably incompetent Biden administration to target their own losses in a manner that will ensure the embarrassment of Trump and ascendancy of DeSantis, all in one fell swoop.  This week, the Republican establishment will likely be dangling a few vivid alternatives in front of Trump as he retires to Mar-a-Largo before his scheduled announcement.  His choices will be presented in the starkest of terms.Deals are made all the time in this game, and this election has no other explanation that makes sense.  “Interesting times” is the understatement of the year, and we likely could be in for a pretty interesting couple of months.This is all opinion, of course, but it seems to me to be logical.  That assumption is based on two things that I have come to believe over the years.  In politics, things are not ever as they appear to be, and politicians will never fail to act in their own self-interest, whatever the stakes.  (For all of you mystery fans, there are also motive, means, and opportunity.)And regardless of how we may feel about this personally, we have to hope the Republicans achieve at least their minimum goal: a House majority.  The fear is that whenever one is dealing with the devil, or playing with fire, or even failing to do one’s level best, the risk of serious loss is much higher than the players are willing to believe going in.

What Really Happened in the Midterms and Why – American Thinker

As Tues,Announcement Day, Fast Approaches (been waiting for this day)!

Realistically an attempt to deprive Trump of the nomination in 2024 is highly unlikely to succeed.  If it did, the nomination would likely be worthless with many Trump voters staying home.  Trump’s crassness, pettiness, bloody mindedness  and often foolish actions drive me to distraction.  However, he is a politician of immense strength, when properly used, and he is the founder of a new and stronger GOP which is still in the process of birth.  Republican strategists ignore all of this to the peril of the party. 

Personally, i was thinking most Republicans would have stood down for the 2024 election and let Trump become the sole nominee. i wouldn’t normally support this but given all the dynamics there is good reason to do it for 2024 as long as we are 90% certain Trump will run. Most of us were 100% certain Trump would run. You can be 100% certain the MAGA supporters were waiting for the day no matter what Trump may or may not have intended to do.We can have the crazy primaries for 2028.

There are good reasons for handing it to Pres Trump; first and foremost was his being deprived of the 2nd term he obviously earned in 2020.The other reason was to be totally prepared to take down whoever the Dems would run in 2024 rather than bruise a stable of Republicans in a crazy primary.

Trump was a great President. You don’t have to build his base. It’s already there. He has a fantastic record to run on and now we have lived through a disastrous Biden presidency where the Democrats controlled the White House and Congress. You can actually compare the wildly successful 4 yr of Trump, to the horrible 4 yr of Biden.You don’t have to wonder how Trump will govern. You already know as well as you know how Biden has governed. It’s like having 2 incumbent Presidents running against each other. The good news is we know how they rigged the election of 2020 and we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

I would have thought any potential Republican nominees would have considered all that and held off on their own aspirations until 2028. not look for blood and circle like sharks. They’re politicians, maybe i expected too much.

One of the Republicans who had his eyes on the White House was the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Oh, but i thought Ron was running a campaign for Gov this year and probably considering 2028 instead. A you kidding me? DeSantis is an opportunist and there’s no way on earth he’d let 2024 go by. Trump let his real thinking about Ron slip in public at a huge rally in Pennsylvania? You know, the brand ‘Sanctimonious’ Santis. We all heard it or heard about it eventually. Everyone wondered what the hay that was about and some people still have no idea.

Here’s The Deal

Word got back to Trump that DeSantis was indeed planning a run for 2024 behind everyone’s back including his. It’s why DeSantis would never answer THE question. Silence. I knew months ago that DeSantis was going to run. As soon as Trump left office and got banned from social media DeSantis started to fill the void by grabbing headlines. Something Trump could not longer do. He lost the bully pulpit of an office to speak from or affect policy. Ron had one as governor and he jumped in with both feet. Sure Trump could get in the news here and there and you know the media,with much negative press-it was all the media would give him. DeSantis could actually DO things and make headlines.He had an office to do it from. It’s when Ron the opportunist began his campaign for the White House. The media has an agenda and if you watch closely you can figure out what they have up their sleeve. Anyone notice that Fox was giving DeSantis a lot of high praise and Trump not so much? We know the media always beats the tar out of Trump so they spend 99% of their time doing that but they were covering DeSantis when he was making headlines himself.

DeSantis, behind the scenes ,was making even more concrete plans. Real plans. Behind the scenes plans, except anything you do in politics is rarely ‘behind the scenes.’ Sooner or later word gets out or in this case gets back to Trump.

Doesn’t anyone find it odd he seldom mentioned Trump or when he was asked THE question simply wouldn’t respond at all. He wouldn’t even try for a diplomatic answer, just silence.He looked caught in the debate with Crist, but he wouldn’t put it to rest.

Kari Lake was asked THE question by a reporter;of course in her case it was the question about being Trump’s VP if asked.She definitely put it to rest. She made it clear she intended not only to serve her 1st term as governor of Arizona, but a 2nd term as well.I don”t think anyone will ask her again. There was the way DeSantis should have answered but he couldn’t because he intended to run all along. He was in a pickle. Think about it. He couldn’t clear the air because he intended to run but he also couldn’t make those intentions known because it would look like he wasn’t taking his run for Governor seriously. If he lied and said he wasn’t going to run it would definitely come up during a primary. He picked silence and hoped eventually THE question would go away. He wouldn’t respond to Trump either. He had people who would do that for him so he’d look like Saint Ron and the surrogates could point out evil Trump. Ron is NOT the good guy in all this. Who has the responsibility to answer the Ron are you going to run question? Ron did-not Trump. He let it fester and then the real answer got back to Trump.

Why would Trump be especially furious with DeSants? For all the reason the 45th President mentioned in a Truth on Truth Social.DeSantis wouldn’t be Governor were it not for Trump. FACT

Pres Trump lays it out in a long screed on Truth Social and every word of it is fact.

Ron came to me in desperate shape in 2017—he was politically dead, losing in a landslide to a very good Agriculture Commissioner, Adam Putnam, who was loaded up with cash and great poll numbers. Ron had low approval, bad polls, and no money, but he said that if I would Endorse him, he could win. I didn’t know Adam so I said, “Let’s give it a shot, Ron.” When I Endorsed him,…

Dan Bongino mentioned Trump’s claim in his Friday podcast 11/11/2022. It’s the next to the last segment.

You would think of all the possible opponents, if any, for 24 Ron would NOT be one of them. IF he had simply waited until 2028 [which many of us expected he would do]he probably would have had the full backing of the former Pres and been handed his base.A shoe in.

Ron is a great governor-no doubt-but his one fatal flaw is being an opportunist of the worst kind.

Yes, DeSantis got the Hispanic vote but Trump had already started that trend particularly in southern Florida. Ron just ran with it.

If you like credit both but the lions share of the credit goes to Donald Trump. Again, FACT.

Now do you see why Trump attacked DeSantis? i couldn’t see Ron as a backstabber but given all the people who backstabbed Trump one more wouldn’t surprise me. DeSantis is free like anyone to decide to primary Trump but given what Trump did for him it’s an exceptional circumstance. DeSantis could have waited until 2028. It wouldn’t have hurt his chances at all. Besides, people took for granted he was totally committed to becoming Governor. That’s why Crist asked him THE question-to expose what he likely already knew.

Trump put a fake news story (lie)to rest as well.For the record:

There is a Fake Story being promulgated by third rate reporter Maggie Hagaman of the Failing New York Times, that I am blaming our great former First Lady, Melania, and Sean Hannity, that I was angry with their pushing me to Endorse Dr. Oz. First of all Oz is a wonderful guy who really worked hard and was a very good candidate, but he WAS LONG IN THE RACE before I ever Endorsed him, they had NOTHING to do with it, he was not a “denier” (his mistake!), & I was not at all ANGRY. Fake News!

45th President (and 47th)Donald Trump on Truth Social

I know some Republicans think Trump should postpone the big announcement on the 15h. i don’t even though it sounds reasonable to wait.

It’s not going to take away from the run off race in Georgia. Trump can still get behind the Herschel Walker. i can’t see any reason he wouldn’t. We all KNOW what the announcement is going to be. You’re only postponing the inevitable. We know what he’s going to say so what difference could it make if he says it in November and not December. The only reason some of these Republicans want him to wait is to inflict more damage on him for a month.Note i said SOME Republicans,not all. Trust me, these same Republicans would be eager to have him announce if he were going to say he wouldn’t run and endorsed their choice, which would include DeSantis of course. They wouldn’t want a delay.In fact they’d want him to speed it up. The Democrats would be salivating over that one too.

In my opinion, saying he isn’t good enough to run in 2024 is like being back in 2020 and saying he wasn’t good enough then.He had a heck of a record to run on.

Were we saying that? Nope. Everyone i knew could hardly wait for his 2nd term.

American Catholic notes,

In 2020 the Republicans gained 14 seats in the House while Trump was “losing” the Presidency.  That rarely happens.  One of many factoids that convince me the election was stolen.

Donald R. McClarey, the American Catholic

Trump would never have called out DeSantis with the nickname at all if DeSantis were close to losing. The only reason he felt safe enough to say anything was DeSantis was a sure win at that point. If he had said anything were DeSantis remotely close to losing he knows he’d have been blamed. Keep in mind too the MAGA base was solid behind DeSantis for governor. DeSantis didn’t need to turn on us either and try to primary Trump when we were solid for him.

Please get behind Herschel Walker in Georgia. Donate as much as your are able. His opponent is going to be awash in money from the Democrats.They always seem to outraise us no matter the race. Volunteer to help his campaign if you have the time to spare.It’s a MUST WIN race. Want us to get the Senate? Here’s the chance! He’s a good man.


Mid Term Wins, Losses and Shenanigans (again). We Stand With Trump 2024 EDITED to add content

Pres Trump is going to be making his announcement soon. I can hardly wait! The official kick off for 2024.

Trump sent a truth* at Truth Social with the same announcement he made at his last rally.

I am going to be making a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15th at Mar a Lago—in Palm Beach, Florida!

Former & Future President Donald J. Trump

Now before we go on to the official start of election 2024 I want to say a few words about the mid term elections on Nov 8. Maybe more than a few words but i’ll try to keep it concise.

For days on end we heard about this Red Tsunami and Red Wave that was coming in the mid terms. Sure it was possible. I happen to think given the state of the country and the horrible person in the White House it was not hard to imagine.

After all Trump gave us a terrific economy and our enemies in check world wide. What not to like? Now with Biden in the Oval office and the Democrats in full control of Congress the economy is on the verge of collapse, inflation is raging and the prices at the gas pump are nothing like the 2.00 and under gas prices we had with Trump.Crime especially violent crime is rampant across the country. If Biden doesn’t kill us with his economy he is going to kill us with the murderers roaming the streets and drugs pouring over our border-if you want to call it a border anymore. Gas and food prices-outrageous. So why wouldn’t there be a red wave and possibly a red tsunami? It makes sense and typically that’s how it would go. You can’t fault people for talking about a red wave or red tsunami I was a little more cautious and didn’t mention either in the blog, but even in the back of my mind i was thinking it was possible.

Let’s put it this way, i was at least hoping, like everyone was. We had some fantastic candidates that were Trump endorsements. I’ve never seen a better group of people than those he picked to endorse. With the possible exception of 1 that I’ll write about near the end. I was also a little nervous about talking like we had it in the bag. i didn’t want anyone to shrug off voting because their vote wouldn’t have mattered one way or the other. i also knew Biden was a horrid candidate himself and look what happened there. He carried Pa. meaning they voted for a man who couldn’t find his butt with both hands and against their own self interests in 2020.We couldn’t afford to take anything for granted. If Biden could win here so could Fetterman.


So it seemed we MIGHT be poised for a wave or bigger still, a tsunami.I’ll define what i think we meant by a wave/tsunami and make sure we’re on the same page. The Republicans would take a large majority in the House and Senate. The outcome: we had some great wins but also some losses.The reaction: holy cow,you would think election night was Armageddon: We had some great almost impossible wins. It wasn’t the tsuami but it was pretty darned good anyway.It could have been better,no doubt, but it’s not as bad as some are painting it. A month or so ago we’d have given anything to get the gavel away from Pelosi. Done. That alone is cause to celebrate!

The candidates we had were the best i’ve seen in a very long time. Some were incumbents but there were many fresh faces. We had the MAGA candidates who were inspired by and endorsed by Pres Trump.

I’d say the most significant races were DeSantis and Rubio in Florida,JD Vance in Ohio, Herschel Walker in Georgia. Lee Zeldin in NY state, Kari Lake,Blake Masters and Adam Laxal are also significant races but haven’t been called yet. Herschel Walker goes to a run off with Warnock and although Zeldin lost he brought some winners into the NY state legislature with coat tails. He came awfully darned close to defeating Democrat Kathy Hochul.

A red tsunami would have been fantastic but these wins are nothing to sneeze at either. IMHO building up to these waves and tsunamis get expectations too high. When you’re down the only way to go is up. When you’re thinking you’re up the only way to go is down. I don’t get some of the pundits, news anchors and commentators beating up on Trump though and raising all kinds of speculation and UNNECESSARY questions.

He’s 147 to 9 in wins. Did they expect we would win every single race? How realistic is that? Keep in mind he’s not in office and doesn’t have the pull he would have if he were. There were other factors we should take into consideration too.

It is always an uphill battle for Republicans especially if they’re truly conservative. The media is an arm of the Democrat party and now Big Tech and Big Corporations are directly involved with the party apparatus. The FBI,DOJ and Joe Biden are all corrupt.

The Deep State is called deep for a reason and this Deep State has had it in for Trump the past 6 yrs. Add to that the Uniparty in Congress that consists of Never Trumpers both publicly and secretly. i hate to think of how many closet Never Trumpers there might be. No candidate, not even DeSantis, has had to deal with the onslaught Pres. Trump did. Say what you like about Trump,say what you like about DeSantis; one had to deal with all this and one didn’t.

Some advice for all the Trump supporters; be cautious who you deal with now. We know what the Dems are all about. It’s the Republicans who worry me more. Some are going to try and start a rivalry. The unsuspecting and weak may fall for it. DeSantis has a lot of good points. You can’t help but admire what he’s done in Florida or the fantastic win he had the other night but he’s also an opportunist. I sized him up the day Trump left office and got banned from social media. DeSantis now had a platform and Trump didn’t. DeSantis could make the news and showcase his policies. Trump was lucky to have that even when he was President. DeSantis calculated he could fill the gap.

Two things stood out to me recently; his reluctance to say if he’d abandon the office of Governor to run for the Republican nomination in a primary and his silence when Trump was attacked, particularly during the Mar A Lago raid. He had nothing to say about the FBI then.

It was in his backyard for crying out loud. He couldn’t issue some kind of statement?

If i were Trump i wouldn’t play into their hands and attack DeSantis. He’s shrewd. He’ll stay silent and allow the Never Trumpers and other opponents to paint this as a Trump flaw, then they’ll write the narrative about DeSantis being the better candidate. As tempting as it may be to fight at this point i would simply congratulate the Governor and move on. There is no primary yet and the best strategy is to look forward now to 2024 with one goal; salvaging what’s left of the country. We need a warrior.

There is someone to clearly blame for the losses and that is Mitch McConnell. He’s no leader. Never has been. I know Trump tried to work with these people-the swamp- when he got to DC but there’s obviously no working with them. He had to work with who he had but we’re way past that now. There are some real warriors in Congress. Thankfully not everyone is a swamp creature. There’s Jim Jordan who i’d love to see as Speaker or Trump’s VP pick, MTG, Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, Matt Gaetz.

Where to go from here? Oust Mitch McConnell and please do not put in his surrogates. We don’t need Mitch 2.0.

Go all out for Herschel Walker in Georgia. Set everything aside and throw all your support behind him. Raise money-he’s going to need it. The Dems will put an enormous amount of money behind Warknock. We have to out raise them for a change. This is an all hands on deck moment. Trump will make the news with his announcement but we have to pivot to Herschel immediately. We only have 30 days to secure the win. Then we can pivot back to the run for the White House and have the rest of the year to support his campaign.

Get these election processes in order. It’s shameful watching some of the states continue to destroy confidence in our election process. Back in the day[ without all the technology we have today[ we voted, they counted, we had a clear winner by the end of the day. Arizona, Alaska and Nevada are especially egregious. . The worst is Arizona where the Secretary of State and candidate is one and the same person running for election against Lake. Are you kidding me? Believe me, if this were a Republican the media would be all over it.

Finally, the Republicans have got to find their way in the environment we’re in. When Fetterman and Biden are able to get elected something is horribly wrong. I’m going to offer my .02 on how to win the battle.I also want to say this to the Never Trumpers and swamp Republicans as well as some of the pundits and commentators: Trump isn’t perfect. He, like any person, has his flaws. The Democrats and media spend enough time beating him up for his real ones along with the crazy narratives they have drummed up. I decided some time ago not to help them out.

I am angry though or as i say spitting nails. We, the deplorable ultra maga Trump supporters, were attacked physically, pelted with eggs, grabbed, punched and in some instances hospitalized just for wearing a red MAGA hat. Recently one of us was the victim of a kill by car attack. Biden et al painted us as the Nazi’s, fascists, domestic terrorists. Some of us are in prison for misdemeanors. Others, who were close associates of Trump, had their lives destroyed. Do you have to pile on? You don’t have to kiss butt-we’d never expect that-but you don’t have to join the popular ‘bash the 45th’ club so there’s someone to blame for something he didn’t do.

He Got It

*truth. the Truth Social equivalent of a retweet on twitter.

The 2 Significant Losses

Oz and Mastriano were the 2 signicant losses and they both happened to be in the blue state of Pennsylvania. We voted for both of them. I came around to like Oz later and wasn’t too crazy about him at first. He was a nice guy, very smart, personable and had a good message.We had issues in Pa anyway and Oz was probably not a strong enough candidate.Marstiano was fantastic after i learned who he was. The problem was i had no idea who he was until it was nearing the end.I’m sure the Republicans voted for them as i did. Unfortunately i don’t think too many people were convinced Oz was a conservative. Maybe on economics but not on social issues. Those views were troubling. Now Doug Mastriano was impressive but his campaign like Dr. Oz’s, wasn’t the sharpest. Trump can endorse but it’s still up to the candidates to run good campaigns. The Democrat candidates get to hide in their basements. We don’t.

Finally,what really did Mastriano in was his his views on abortion. Yes, he’s pro life but the left made him out to be extreme and anti woman. It worked. For the Republicans the disastrous Biden policies were front and center. For the Dems there was only 1 issue: abortion.

NOTE: am convinced we’d be better off now if DeSantis would have made his intentions clear some time ago. He had a chance to answer THE question during the debate with Crist.; even a diplomatic answer would have worked. I said it months ago and stand by it- DeSantis is a fantastic governor but he’s an opportunist and a backstabber. He just hides it better. Trump wears his thinking on his sleeve. DeSantis operates in stealth mode. Why did DeSantis let this fester and now it looks like it could head to a huge rift.

Truth be told DeSantis had his sights on the White House back at the end of 2020, the first months of 2021. The governorship became a stepping stone. Timing? Look for the time when DeSantis started making headlines. i’d bet the farm that’s when he started his quiet campaign by getting PR and all he was waiting for was the right time.Opportunist. Ron’s biggest flaw.


Save A Senior

Save A Senior

Save A Senior

The senior is my brother who was recently discharged from the hospital after suffering a concussion. It happened weeks after I posed the entry for donations. He is having several health issues and took a fall that caused the injury. He retired from teaching 10 yr ago and is now basically stuck in an apartment with no help from anyone. We don’t have any family left and i live thousands of miles away from him. His family doctor is recommending the same thing i am for his condition-he needs to move to an assisted living facility.

Let me put it this way;you will never get rich in the teaching profession. I have to come up with at least 7,000.00 to get him moved. I contacted a moving company and it’s going to cost anywhere from 4,000-7,000 to pack,since he can’t do it himself-and haul him to one location or another. We have 2 facilities under consideration but i can’t even have him put in an application until we know we can move him. I realize 7k is the high end but i’d rather ask for the larger price tag and be on the safe side than come up short.

He is not going to remain in his current location because he would still have no contact with anyone. I wish i could get a loan but I know that it would be declined and my brother is not going to apply for a loan and put himself in debt when he’s going to be paying for assisted living as it is.

To date i have not taken in 1 penny towards this enormous bill and I only have 20 days left on this fundraiser. If i have to i will do it a 2nd time. Unfortunately if this is any sign of how it is going to go i don’t see that continuing the fundraiser is going to raise any more donations a 2nd time than the first.

i can’t give out too many details as this involves a party other than myself but i am going to post photos when and if the time comes. I know for a fact if he doesn’t get moved as soon as possible he is going to be found deceased by himself in the apartment. He doesn’t feel well and isn’t capable of taking the care of himself he should be. He was hospitalized a few weeks before this recent incident. He was treated for dehydration at that time.

I can’t say much more than that because i owe him some privacy.

It would be his 3rd admission in just a few months.

Long story short; time is critical and i sense the time is getting very short.

Can you help me save my own brother?

I’d even be willing to do this as a LOAN with payment arrangements rather than just having it donated. I would move heaven and

earth to get my brother the help he needs! We speak by phone every other day.


Thankful to the Cleveland Clinic. A Life Saver 2 yrs Ago

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 yrs since we were at the Cleveland Clinic. Thanks to a fantastic doctor Unai, a great team and an excellent nursing staff my husband did very well. He was a high risk patient for open heart surgery but he had to have it.

Fell in love with the city of Cleveland too. The people were incredibly nice and the city amazing but then we are small town people.

At the time we didn’t have the money we needed for the trips. We had to go out twice. Once for a barrage of tests and labs and a 2nd trip a few months later for the actual surgery.

I was panicked at the time too. I put up a donation button here on the blog, a go fund me page and dozens upon dozens of tweets for donations.

I didn’t get but two 5.00 donations. Not even close. We went into debt but managed to dig our way out eventually. The surgery was successful and husband has been fine since. He’s not his old 100% self but he’s here doing fine and that’s what matters.

Unfortunately i’m afraid i have come into another situation and it involves a family member. i can’t give out too much information because it would involve the privacy of another person but i can explain enough and try to answer any questions people might have. If i can and it doesn’t harm the confidentiality i owe this person.

This is a very serious matter and the goal is to save the persons life. It involves needing way more money than even needed for the Cleveland Ohio trips. Even if i dipped into our bill money it wouldn’t be enough. The goal is to get the person out of the hell hole he’s in and moved to an assisted living facility due to health issues. He can’t continue to live on his own.

I need $7,000.00 to pay for the move from the current location to the assisted facility and soon. He’s already had one trip to the ER and been hospitalized. Time is short and he needs to be moved soon.

I’m going to try to raise the money through the same route i tried for the Cleveland trip. I hope i do better this time.

https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8OvqBOuWbt Save A Senior Fundraiser

Look,if i could get approved for a loan to pay the moving company for my brother i would do it without thinking twice. I definitely wouldn’t want to be trying to drum up donations. It didn’t work out the last time and i worry it’s going to go that way this time. If anything happens to my brother in the meantime I will never forgive myself. This is a race against time. i can’t get into detail about the whole situation-i owe him his privacy and dignity. Now when it’s all said and done i can post pictures and show everyone how it all worked out. I wish i didn’t have to resort to a fund raiser but there are no other options.


🚨Critical🚨📣Senator Mike Lee Needs Us!

The Democrat candidates in Utah are awash in money for their campaigns. i don’t know why it’s always the case that their base out donates Republicans. We know they use dark web donations too but their base isn’t too shabby when it comes to donations. Mitt Romney-fake Republican-again is failing to support a candidate that should be easy for him to support. He refuses to back Senator Lee.

The Dems get how critical these seats are and they would donate their last penny to get them elected.

Let’s make up for it and back Sen Lee 100%.


A small donation goes a long way. We don’t have to donate the maximum to help out. We can give what we’re able. If everyone pitches in we can do this. We can’t afford to lose a good man like Senator Lee.The Dems would love that seat. Let’s tell them ho, you can’t have it for your Biden agenda. Sen. Lee respects our Constitution.


Ignore the Polls‼️ Simple: You Vote, We Win. You Don’t, We Lose

We proudly voted for Dr. Oz, Mastriano and Mike Kelly and all the other Republicans running in the state of Pennsylvania. Normally we would vote in person and never give a thought to early voting by absentee ballot. This time was different. Neither of us are feeling well. We’ve had several health issues this year so we decided rather than chance not making the in person vote we’d vote now by absentee ballot. We knew exactly who we were voting for so we went ahead and sent them in. I personally prefer an in person vote but we couldn’t chance our not being able to make it . If you also vote absentee be sure to SIGN YOUR NAME and DATE the envelope on the outside. Doublecheck too. If the ballot isn’t signed or dated it’s invalid so make sure your vote will count.

We have to turn out in massive numbers. Ignore the polls. Polls have never won an election and never will. The only thing that counts is your vote.The issue with polls is sometimes they’re not very accurate. Other times they’re skewed-outright lies. There is such a thing as suppression polls and here’s how they work.

There’s the polls that put your candidates/party comfortably ahead. They make it appear as if it’s a sure win. People then get complacent and figure we’ve got in the bag so they stay home. Not good. There’s another poll that has us losing miserably. The purpose of that poll is to get you to give up, decide your vote is useless and again stay home. No matter what the polls say. just vote. It’s amazing how many races have been decided by a few thousand,hundred or even single digit votes. So anyone who thinks their vote doesn’t count is badly mistaken. It matters a lot.

This time we have a country to save. Our vote was meant to do 2 things; obviously to get our candidates elected. The other is to send a message to Biden-a loud and clear message.

If you feel like sitting this one out take minute to think of people who live in countries where their vote means nothing and they wish they had it as easy as we do.

Countries where they could get killed trying to vote for the candidate of their choice; that is,if they are fortunate enough to live in a country that even has more than one choice. In a lot of countries it’s all a sham. They have 1 person on the ballot and they’re unanimously elected for life.

Let’s all encourage each other to get out the vote. Offer rides if someone needs one. Help them get registered if they need to get registered. Show them where to get an absentee ballot if they need one.If you know of 10 people who aren’t sure who to vote for encourage them to vote Republican. Get 10 ppl to vote if you know of 10 people who would vote. All they need is your encouragement. Call your friends and remind them on election day.

It’s a big deal. Now more than ever. We have some great Trump endorsed candidates in the mid term. Quite a few of them are citizen candidates who have lived in the private sector and will truly represent us. Others are good enough and will do the right thing when it’s time to vote. At this point i’d even vote a RINO if i had to so we can stop the Biden agenda. We can always replace them later. We have a country to save!


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Twitter https://twitter.com/free92416130 NOTE: 9/27/22 the account has been suspended. You can still tweet the entries under your own account if you have one.I’d appreciate it greatly if you did.

My favorite, Truth Social https://truthsocial.com/@ultramaga_boomer

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a lesser known platform but one of my favorites next to Truth Social, MeWe https://mewe.com/i/patsarver

It never really took off but i keep it up anyway. There’s a handful of members Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/SpeakerJordan/ https://www.reddit.com/user/boxerpaws

I also joined Gab after the Twitter ban but quit using it altogether. There seemed to be a streak of anti semitism among some of the members plus I sensed a negative vibe from the whole platform. Not going back. Maybe you like it. Whatever floats your boat.

Truth Social is one of the best. It’s like a combination of the best features of Twitter and Facebook,minus the worst.

Besides, our President is there. Makes it the best of all.

Twitter is stuck with their fake.

A little meet and greet
the baby and me
Brutus (the baby)Missed greatly. Beautiful dog.love them boxers
3 generations of great anglers. Husband, his son and grandson
Husband and his grandson, Reese
Miss em so much. Mom and Dad
Dad, doing what he loved the most. Good times

Biden Hack Gets Destroyed On Live TV (Ep. 1905) – The Dan Bongino Show The Biden Admin is Coming For Your Guns!

Biden Hack Gets Destroyed On Live TV (Ep. 1905) – The Dan Bongino Show

Biden Hack Gets Destroyed On Live TV (Ep. 1905) – The Dan Bongino Show

They are bound and determined to create a list so they can disarm the law abiding. They will probably be successful. In fact to be on the safe side i would take for granted it’s eventually going to happen. i would act accordingly. What do you think?

Nick Who?

https://anchor.fm/djt2024/episodes/Nick-Who-e1rj5j2 AUDIO VERSION

Prior to the Mar A Lago dinner with Kanye West (or Ye) i had no idea there was any such person by the name of Nick Fuentes. The name meant nothing to me. i still don’t get why some unknown person is suddenly a person of some significance. Was i supposed to know who he is? This is why i believe Trump when he said he had no idea who he was. He knew Kanye and although the meet up or likely set up was unannounced i know Trump would not be rude and dis Kanye- who obviously has a ton of issues. This meeting was news but not the big to do the media is making of it. They’re trying to write a narrative. For one, i’m not going to help them and make a big deal of it too. 2. i know very well Trump is not antisemitic. Far from it. 3. i also know that Trump is no white supremacist either. So the story dies here and i’m not giving it any further mention. The media is gaslighting again. End of story.  Fuentes can go back to being the unknown he was before the dinner..