Anytime there is a missing person alert-particularly a child-it is going to be posted in the hopes someone can help. Been doing it right along. I also post info on people who are wanted by law enforcement.


Checked with My Pay Pal Account

i haven’t had but 2 responses and so far it’s come to 10.00 meaning i’m a long ways off from a 200.00 goal and less than 1 day left. The worst of it is that i have but less than 1 day left now. i hated to even add a donate button. On the other hand i’ve invested 129.00 for the last 3 yrs and 7.99 per month for a subscription to the Epoch Times to have a good source for information. This is not including the time invested in the hopes of posting information that is helpful to the reader. Once the 200.00 is reached the donate button comes out and i go on with the blog as i had intended; solely for the purpose of providing info and supporting Pres. Trump.

I’m hoping this entry will convey my intentions better. Maybe i didn’t explain very well when i wrote about our trip to Cleveland. If anyone has questions re the matter i will be glad to answer them.If anyone has any questions re the medical issues we went through i will be glad to answer those too-especially if they might be helpful to a situation you’re facing.

So please consider a one time donation and i’ll be spared having to add stress to my husband that isn’t going to be helpful to his condition. I could sell my computer and probably raise 100.00 but that would defeat the purpose and not get me close to the 200.00 we honestly need.

You can read about our experience with the Cleveland Clinic and how we got into this situation in the next post. We traveled there via train.


For Those That Missed It. Our Journey to the Cleveland Clinic (fantastic surgeon & team). We are making a special request for help- this month only.Can you hit the tip jar?

It’s hard to believe it was back in 2020 when all this happened; around the same time Covid was just breaking out in the United States. We weren’t in lockdown yet and nobody was talking about masks.

My husband had a sudden and severe outbreak of cellulitis. He’d had it several times in the past but it was always mild and treatable at home.

It wouldn’t take long and it would clear up fairly quickly.Not this time.It was so red it was close to maroon and so painful he could hardly walk.It happened in the usual spot, just below his kneecap [left leg]. We’d never seen anything like it nor did we realize how serious this was going to get.

A couple days into it i made an appointment for him with our pcp. He gave him a prescription for antibiotic and advised him to go the hospital because of a 103 temp. Husband said he would give it the weekend and if he wasn’t better he would go. By Monday the pain was unbearable. I had to call the ambulance.

The ER admitted him & the nightmare began. I went to see him. He mentioned how he couldn’t see out of one eye. They were going to have an optometrist come in the next day & examine him. IF they had been more on the ball they would have realized this could be a sign of stroke.i had no idea myself;but you think they would.

He never got the chance to see the optometrist. i got a call that night they were whisking him out to a higher care hospital. No explanation, nothing. He went into their ER where they ran one test then called me. He was already sedated so they needed my consent to do a t-scope. i asked some questions then gave consent.

i get a call soon after and they were whisking him off to an even higher care hospital. i won’t say where but i will say he will never go there again. By this time my head was spinning. I had no clue what was going on. Everything happened so fast too.

I did get a diagnosis and i had to head to this city to sign consent forms. Here’s the breakdown.The cellulitis went into bacterial endocarditis and sepsis. It damaged his mitral valve. He had vegetation on his heart.At the time none of this meant anything to me and he had to have open heart surgery. Before i got a ride with his [wonderful] son

i hit the internet with hours of research. We went to the heretofore unnamed city and it was a horrible sight. He was not himself;not even close. I met the doctor and team,signed the consent forms for the surgery,came back home and decided hell no! i made up my mind to go with his wishes. All he kept saying is he wanted to come home.

Here he had fallen out of bed so they sent him down for a CT scan to make sure there was no brain bleed.This is when they found out he’d had 2 strokes.i’m assuming the 1st was mild and the 2nd followed. I’m also assuming they had happened back at the first hospital. I realized had he never mentioned a test they would never have told me what happened.

I and the hospital from hell did battle. They insisted on a nursing home for him when they knew i was clear a nursing home was out. Adamant in fact.

i had already made arrangements for the VNA* to come in,a therapist and one aide to help me care for him. The hospital said no way;it would be THEIR city or OURS at a rehab nursing home. PERIOD.

The battle was on but they held the cards in the end so i decided it’d be one step closer to home to get him in our city. Yes, he did come home and i already had everything set up for the Cleveland Clinic including the surgeon for the surgery i knew he had to have.

They knew i was adamant about him not being sent to a nursing home. It was a clear directive; non-negotiable.On the plus side he’d be out of there. It couldn’t be worse.

Meantime a friend of ours came to me and needed a place to live. I found her a really nice place here with rent that would fit her budget so she applied for it.She got it. A catch;she had the first months rent but not the 500.00 security deposit. i got a 6 month special loan i knew we’d be approved for with our credit union. No credit check required.

An absolute guaranteed 500.00 loan but it was 6 months and the payments ran from 88-89 per month, automatically taken from our direct deposit. i made it clear to her as each payment came up she would have to pay us.We couldn’t afford to make the payments but if she would agree to cover them we could do it.

We had the 500.00 in hand that week and she made her payment by that Friday as required. She didn’t pay us back a dime and eventually skipped out of town. i’m guessing she gave the landlord the shaft too.

Think it was a pretty good guess?

Now we need money to cover the expenses of going to the Clinic. We managed but its finally caught up with us and we’re now short on rent and bill money. i sent out a tweet back when i had 10k followers thinking if even some of my followers pitched in 1.00 we could make it. i got 0.

Nothing. Zip. So i’ve decided to give it a try again under the new account and hope for the best. Love the old axiom,never a borrower or lender be but having always lived by that axiom, now find we ignored the never lend part and have got ourselves into the borrow part,

Would i ever help someone in need again? Help as in not expect repayment. Of course, if i could. Not if we were in a predicament such as this one. We were trying to help but more as a loan than a gift.

oops…accidentally deleted. Continue anyway. Short 1 paragraph. This is my only frustration with WP and the new blocks. It’s happened more than once. Continue on though.It couldn’t have been too important or i’d remember it.

He’s doing well. Fortunate to even be alive.Hats off to Dr Unai at Cleveland for the fantastic job he did and my husband’s son for being the tremendous support he was.He couldn’t help financially but he wasn’t short with the moral support we really needed! Fell in love with Cleveland.

The people were so friendly there. Not a fan of the big city at all but if we had to pick one it would be Cleveland. A tad pricey though. We could never afford it. Keep that in mind if you ever visit Cleveland.

Besides the Cleveland Clinic being a highly professional hospital there was one really big difference between them and the ‘other’ place. The doctor at Hospital Hell was in a rush to do the surgery.

I’m telling you straight up the shape my husband was in he would never have come out of the operating room. When he was done with all the testing at Cleveland the surgeon told us to take him home, get him healthy and make an appointment for the surgery in months.

We picked Sept/Oct. Music to my ears. My gut instinct was spot on and husband got his wish to come home. None of this was fun. i broke down in tears several times. There was a lot of pressure to let the first doctor do the surgery right off the bat but i could not bring myself to give consent.Once we got to the Clinic i felt a huge sense of relief.

If you have any questions re the illness he had,the Clinic or anything else related to this experience don’t be afraid to ask,k? I hope you would consider pitching in a few dollars.We’ll get on our feet again and one day pay it forward.

Ironically, our rent is due this Friday and we don’t have it. Hubby doesn’t know it yet,but he will.

*VNA Visiting Nurses Association. They administered his antibiotic intravenously and checked his vitals etc.

The outcome:

Husband had the open heart surgery. They found no vegetation. They were planning to replace the mitral valve but once they got a good view they only had to go with a repair.

Yes, the regurgitation was getting severe so the surgery couldn’t be postponed too long but it’s amazing he survived all that he did and it worked out so well. We self isolated when we got home from Cleveland. Covid was starting to break out by this time.i recall seeing just one person wearing a mask at the Clinic. It’s possible he was from another country.

Thank God for Dr Unai and the Clinic.It’s a shame he couldn’t have been there in the first place. If i knew at that moment what i know now he would have gone there instead. He has some minor issues due to stroke but that too could have been far worse. He had anointing of the sick. i consider his recovery a miracle.


Abortion ON DEMAND? a message from Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

Contact your Representative today to stop Abortion on Demand!

September 23, 2021

The Democrats are beside themselves. The Supreme Court will hear a case on Dec. 1 that could lead to Roe v. Wade being overturned. Meanwhile in Texas, most abortions have become illegal.

That’s why the party that loves abortion more than life itself is rushing to vote on the H.R. 3755, the mis-named “Women’s Health Protection Act,” which we in the pro-life movement call by the more accurate descriptor, the Abortion On Demand Act. A vote is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 24. In other words, tomorrow.

I need you to take action today. Call your House member, Republican or Democrat, and tell them they must vote NO. This act will negate or repeal every law that protects the unborn and their mothers – including their teenage mothers. Every state law? Gone. Conscience rights? Eliminated. Abortion in the third trimester? Available in every state of the union. Abortion mills would be allowed to operate with even less oversight than they have now. Mothers would die. Babies – more than many of us can bear to think about – would die.

May I count on you to take action to fight this today? I have a powerful message you can send them.

When you click here, you will find out how to contact your lawmakers, and what to say once you do – as well as an added bonus action!

Please act today, and please pass along this email to as many others you know who may be interested.

Thank you for being part of the Priests for Life Family!


Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Priests for Life
PO Box 236695
Cocoa, FL 32923
Phone: 321-500-1000
Toll Free: 888-735-3448
Email: mail@priestsforlife.org


Republican Leaders Are Missing in Action As Patriots Rot in Jail – Shocking Letter Released from Jan. 6 Political Prisoner

Republican Leaders Are Missing in Action As Patriots Rot in Jail – Shocking Letter Released from Jan. 6 Political Prisoner By Larry Johnson Published August 20, 2021 at 7:28am

The unjust political imprisonment of American citizens who entered the Capitol on January 6, many at the invitation of Capitol Police, continues and it is a horror show. There are a few Republican politicians denouncing this injustice, but the leadership is as mute as Helen Keller. These Americans are being held without bail while actual criminals guilty of murder, assault and theft are allowed to walk around.To help you appreciate the new American Gulag, please read the following letter from Jeff McKellop (hat tip to Brian Cates). Here is the actual letter (you can find the text below the photos)



Not sure if you’ve got the full news of the psychological chess game we are playing in here?

My name is Jeff McKellop, I was 22 yrs in the Army. 10 yrs in Special Forces, ODP 394 & 395.

When or upon retirement, I became a contractor for the government.  I’ve spent almost 30 yrs supporting & working for our government. Not one day have I ever been more disappointed & let down by our country than the current election process & the geriatric sleepwalking, fool.  Whew! Got that out.

So; this is what we are experiencing @ this time

  • Isolation: When meeting w/ anyone outside this facility, (regardless of social distance, mask, hand sanitizer & plastic barrier, I got 14 days lockdown each time. No contact w/ anyone in the cell block, temp checked on once.  Put in the furthest cell away from anyone. Allowed 20 min a day outside cell. No contact, back in.
  • First 4 months: chained and shackled, brought down the hallway for medical, (guards) “Dead Man Walking”: He is be Trump, He be Trump supporter”, inciting violence from other inmates walking freely in the hallways. (Inmates} “F**k you honky ass motherf**ker! I’ll f**king kill you!” (Guards laughing)” List is endless with the “set up for failures” this station has to offer us.  Names! Alexander, Hays, Pinky, Armstrong, etc….these people would transfer inmates to other areas of the facility & snap check their cells for legal paperwork. I received a huge packet of legal paperwork. Names, places, photos, my entire history, my children’s history, neighbors, on & on. I was pulled from my cell @ 10 pm to see medical. (Of course, no one there)  I was seriously worried I was going to get beat or killed, I waited for 30 min. No one showed. Escorted back to cell.  First thing I noticed? All my legal paperwork gone.
  • Any time you speak out? Lockdown, no food.
  • Snap inspections, good cop, bad cop.
  • False paperwork, guards fill out false complaint forms using “n” word, supporting violence [next page]….supporting racial separation, unleashing guards upon us.  Pulled out of cells for Q & A group 3rd grade meeting where guards forget why their yelling @ us.
  • Ranking officials randomly show & yank us out of the cells. Once again, racial, food, guards, living conditions, Q & A
  • Conditions of cells (here we go) Human fecal matter smashed in the angle of beds. Smashed into the corners of the rooms; black mold spraying from air vents, black mold & rust in windows; informed guards of the situation. They move us around to other rooms.  Still I have to clean my own cell. My once white hand rag is brown.  Water taste of pure metal. I have a taste [in my mouth] as if I’ve been sucking on a penny all day.
  • Food is cold, smashed, burned, not enough, one inmate left his bologna sandwich overnight on his desk. Had mold next day. Told guards: All inmates removed from cells for Q & A. Told if we don’t like, we can throw it out, that’s all your going to get. Dinner almost 5 days a week, baloney or PB & J, for dinner 3-4 cookies, wet chips, maybe bologna, pack of Kool Aid, two slices of white bread, etc. Schools get better meals.
  • Meet w/legal or legal phone calls: deliberately brought to meetings late, so you only have 20-3o min instead of an hour meet. Always blame it on facility secretary; phone calls: late or time expires.

Continue Here: Republican Leaders Are Missing in Action As Patriots Rot in Jail – Shocking Letter Released from Jan. 6 Political Prisoner


Girl, 8, Whose Parents Refused Abortion for Spina Bifida Says, ‘I’m Awesome, I’m Loved’and she’s beautiful

Look at that smile. Thank God they didn’t have her killed.

When an expecting mom went for her 17-week pregnancy checkup by herself, she thought she would surprise her husband with the gender of their baby. However, after finding out she was expecting a girl, she was blindsided by an additional reveal: Her baby had spina bifida.Nickell Thomas, whose eldest child is a boy, recently shared with the Spina Bifida Association (SBA) about her journey of raising her now 8-year-old daughter, Taylor.

Continue Reading Here: Girl, 8, Whose Parents Refused Abortion for Spina Bifida Says, ‘I’m Awesome, I’m Loved’

We’re not Nazi’s people. We don’t practice eugenics. The Equality Act is anything but the protection of equality. Speak up against it. The left is doing what they always do. They hide what they’re really doing in the language they use (verbal engineering). The bill itself is unconstitutional. It violates freedom of religion AND freedom of conscience. Father Pavone explains it all in detail. Worth the time.

Federal Judge Pushes DOJ to Launch Probe Into Jail’s Treatment of Jan. 6 Detainees: Civil Rights ‘Have Been Abused’ – Diamond & Silk

Are the civil rights of January 6 detainees being violated?The warden of a D.C. jail and the director of the D.C. Department of Corrections are currently being held in contempt.

Jail officials failed to turn over information needed to approve surgery recommended four months ago for a January 6 defendant.

In this case, the Washington Post reports, the defendant suffered from broken bones and required surgery, which was effectively denied for four months as jail officials did not turn over information.

In a hearing, U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth said this action by jail officials “raises the possibility of deliberate mistreatment.”

“The failure of D.C. officials to turn over medical records is more than just inept and bureaucratic jostling of papers,” the federal judge added.

A federal judge is referring Biden’s Department of Justice to launch a civil rights investigation into the treatment of January 6 detainees.

“I find that the civil rights of the defendant have been abused,” Lamberth said.Lamberth called the treatment of the defendant “inexcusable.”

The judge directly asked the jail officials, “Does no one care?”

Lamberth described their treatment of the defendant as “more than inept.”“I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6th defendant or not,” the judge continued.

“But I find this matter should be referred to the attorney general of the United States for a civil rights investigation into whether the D.C. Department of Corrections is violating the civil rights of January 6th defendants in this and maybe other cases.”

Full Article Here: Federal Judge Pushes DOJ to Launch Probe Into Jail’s Treatment of Jan. 6 Detainees: Civil Rights ‘Have Been Abused’ – Diamond & Silk



The Few, The Proud, The Marines (the other branches are nothing to sneeze at either)Thank All Our Vets for their Service